F R E E W A Y S ≈ C O L L I D E

Ask me — I won't say "NO" — How could I?ArchiveWWW

Bonjour! #haggard #selfie #cycling #castelli #latergram
Bump to ledge all the way down, pop out.  @sml_aaron @ronniecreager @jamescraig24 @sammy_montano @javancampello #untouched #futureskatespot (Global Truss, Charter Street, Vernon, CA)
I’m not in Tokyo, Japan.
Picking up / stalking some ladies @anjosefien @ekuaaaaaah  (at Long Beach, California)
Empty lots (at South Gate, California)
Birthday Boi Pedro Lee  (at The Blind Donkey Long Beach)
Mike Kelley #mikekelley (at The Geffen Contemporary (MoCA))
I think my toe is a little swollen.
My niece Keira and her aunt Sara!
Queen of the Maries
The Bonbon #mafioso
Wat Thai of Los Angeles a few days ago, when we lost our intern in the valley.
Wuz here (at artshare LA)
FOOOOOOOOOD (at Bread Lounge)