F R E E W A Y S ≈ C O L L I D E

Ask me — I won't say "NO" — How could I?ArchiveWWW

Loving the shape contrast and balance. Simplicity and poetry. And all that other shiiit. (at Long Beach, California)
I got to hang out with some really classy friends over the weekend. And I’m proud to say I’ve known each one for at least over 13+ years. And even though we don’t see each other on the regular, I know we all got each other’s back. We’ve been through some tough shit and it’s great that something so positive is going to come out of it. #thejulianfoundation #razorsharpcrew  (at Artists Village - Santa Ana)
Like OMG that is SUCH a beautiful photo of Santa Ana! You’re like so fucking talented! Like totally!! … Instagram bitch. #santaana #orangecounty #theorangecurtain #artistvillage #6am (at Artists Village - Santa Ana)
It’s the smell of morning dew. Of donuts freshly baked and pho just starting to brim. The smell of Wes-meni-sta and Santana before everyone else wakes. This is why I woke my ass up this early. And obvi, to take a photo of this 99cent store. Dur. #westminister #gardengrove #santaana #orangecounty #theorangecurtain #fixed #fixedgear #cycling #5am #sonofabitch #boomshakala (at Artists Village - Santa Ana)
Skylight (at Lighthouse Point, Long Beach, CA)
You know we love us some Mike Kelley. (at MOCA)
"Magnesium"  (at Bixby Knolls)
Found this one in the neighborhood @cfritolemon, it just needs some words on it! #tribute #peaceoffering #bedbugs #longbeach #wilmore
These two cute goons!
Poaching shots of this happy couple!  (at Long Beach, California)
We’ve been all about that veggie (really, Pescetarian) life lately, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat some bomb ass sandwiches. This baby came from Eggslut, which I initially disregarded as some hipster gentrification of The Grand Central Market… But fuck! This egg + cheese sandwich on a brioche bun was so damn good! And honestly, the Grand Central Market was slowly dying, truth be told. #grandcentralmarket #eggslut  (at Eggslut)
Cowboy at the Grand Central Market. (at Grand Central Market)
Taro Boba! #taro #taroboba #boba #longbeach #hiccupslongbeach #lbc  (at Hiccups Tea House)
We broke our “vegetarian” diet for this beautiful piece of meat seduced to perfection by master griller Christos (@sbarounis). Thank you for having us over! @alkistis_tsitouri
Sometimes I like to eat by myself. #mitsuwa