F R E E W A Y S ≈ C O L L I D E

Ask me — I won't say "NO" — How could I?ArchiveWWW

I took this photo last week and I just can’t get it out of my head for whatever reason.
Working from home allows me a quick 7am ride on a Monday morning. #recoveryride #fixedgear
Moving through empty rooms. #losangeles #dtla #downtownlosangeles
"Good morning" moments before work as the elevator doors open to the 22nd floor. In comes an older heftier man in a light grey suit that looks like he bought it at Burlington Coat Factory 10 years ago. Nice tie though, with a white button down shirt neatly tucked into his slacks—slightly puffed up enough to hide his age-old beer belly. I walk out and down the hallway. Flip up my badge against the scanner and the door beeps, right before I extend my hand out to open it. Inside, the white walls and ceilings span across the room meeting the glass at the far edges of the building side. Open seating desks litter the spacious floor plan. Mostly Caucasians under 30 walk about, with the occasional 30-40 year old hastily running by, an Asian here and there; along with a "check mark other" guy meandering by a young fancy lady at the coffee machine. I want a cigarette and my coffee, but I’m encapsulated in this container of steel and plaster wall and wood beams, and people coupling, and other misc. building materials. The light peaks through the blinds as I sit down at my desk. I flip open my laptop and start the day. #latergram
Ample light in the midnight hour. #campqsie
Exit light, enter night. Take my hand off to never never land…
She’s a hustler, baby
Suck it Yerba Mate. #soaddictedbrah
Stuff (for work).
Just another one… bored on the train. Good night LA.
Long hair / No fucks given. #metro #losangelesmetro #lametro #bluelinemetro #blueline  (at 7th St Station)
Pizza Time Excellent! #pellicola #pellicolapizzeria #pizza #dtla #losangeles #downtown #downtownlosangeles (at Pellicola Pizzeria)
Icon + Type + Stamp + Shadows and such.