F R E E W A Y S ≈ C O L L I D E

Ask me — I won't say "NO" — How could I?ArchiveWWW

Remember when we sold out of our ultra rare hand-drawn zine by @fightingelegy? No? It’s okay because it just happened a few weeks ago at the #oczinefest and we honestly didn’t make a big fuss about it (til now!) haha… But if you were one of the lucky few who got one of the 5 editions, please feel free to send us a message with a photo of you and the zine and we’ll send you some buttons! Please include your mailing address! This photo is one of the test drawings Lowell did before creating the real ones. Wish there were more “fine art” style physically-made zines out there like this one! #limitededition like the rest of our zines
I can see all obstacles in my way.
The world is your oyster… or something like that. #fixedgear  (at Newport Pier)
A King of Sunset #sunsetblvd #hollywood
Dancing in the streets #hollywood
Style in Cerritos #oldfolks
Volunteer + uHual at Fairfax High School.
Tree + Lake in Pico Rivera.
The food porn continues… After working til the wee hours last night and coming into work today at 11am. By 11:30am we were on our way to lunch “paying homage” to Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Myung In Dumplings in Koreatown. Which meant stuffing our faces with Korean dumplings, shumai, steamed buns, and this dumpling soup. All super delicious. Sorry babes @ekuaaaaaah #koreatown #losangeles #anthonybourdain #myungindumplings #thankyouwork (at Myung In Dumplings)
2 Taquitos #agaves #longbeach #happyhour #dontblowupmyspot #foodporn (at Agaves Kitchen & Tequila)
Shooting photos while driving is pretty dangerous. But if you know me … well actually if you know me, I don’t really have to finish this sentence. #freewayscollide
Hollywood Babylon #sunsetblvd  (at Hollywood,CA)
Just snapped this one. #lametro (at Del Amo Blueline Station)
The bonus of 24 hours (from the other night.)
Yesterday’s fruits of labor. #longbeach #signalhill #fixedgear #freewayscollide (at Signal Hill Park)